At dawn
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At dawn
» Journal: alisamakora
» Birthdate/Age: 6/18/1989
» Characters Played: N/A

» Name: Freyjadour Falenas
» Series: Suikoden V
» Reference:
» Canon Point:
» Gender: Male
» Age: 17
» Orientation: overall, Unknown. While he is shown to have gotten love letters and a few female admirers, he never approaches any of them and these things are only mentioned in passing, never pursued. There is also the fact that he is almost never alone is canon: He will almost always have a bodyguard by his side, following him on screen, which can make flirting or any sort of romantic hinting by others difficult. Last but not least, there was a war going on and an army to lead, which is possibly the most important reason why there was no hinting of sexuality.

» Personality: at first meeting, Freyjadour can seem like a rather normal teen boy: a bit of a formal lean with words, but his friendliness and overall welcoming nature is very noticeable even on first meeting.

Freyjadour is a prince raised in very interesting circumstances: his parents, Queen Arshtat and Commander Ferid, were both warm and loving- Arshtat was formal and kind and Ferid loud and friendly, prone to casual conversation when duty didn’t call for formality. It is from them Freyjadour takes many of his habits: While he is polite and often very much a person of principle, he’s also friendly, willing to talk with most anyone he meets and even help them out if they need it, regardless of status or character. He socializes with other races, slaves, and even former assassins and never once has a problem with it. He will never judge a person at first glance.

Part of this down to earth personality can be attributed to his own status: He’s a prince, true, but that of a Queendom- His title is just that- a title with no inheritance attached, and nobles often expected him to do nothing with his life. At one time, Freyjadour had almost no self condfidence to speak of, even believing he was the spare baggage the nobles claimed him to be.

Instead, Freyjadour became more than that. With the encouragement of his parents that saw him more than deadwood, he got a foot in the door in the world of politics of Falena, going on various reconnaissance missions in Falena, as seen and mentioned in the game, to not only inspect for the Queendom, but also to grow and see the world beyond the Sun Palace, his home. He was dedicated not to laze around and instead strived to become a better person who could benefit his family, and in doing so, was able to widen his views and grow a more open view of the different types of people out there. Throughout the game you see this drive, and it seems you can visibly see him gain confidence and more so, the support of the people he works with.

Following that, his driving force in life is often the people around him and his country: the plot of the game, in particular, is started because his little sister is trapped as a puppet queen under Godwin authority. Freyjadour’s motivation for all his actions in the war is to end it and to see Lym and, over all, his entire country safe again from the war hungry Godwin family.

Freyjadour is the type of person who will give his help to any who need it, even if he has to go out of his way to do it. Examples include when he saves a child named Toma from wild, half starved monsters in Lordlake, destroying a cursed book to save a man’s life, and even simply offering people a place to live or practice their trade in the army headquarters, whether that be smithing weapons or something as mundane as selling antiques.

This attitude carries over into his leadership, too. Although Freyjadour leads the army in the Falenan Civil War, he is very focused on keeping people alive and safe as much as possible: People come before victory, at all times. He made the choice to abandon their headquarters when it was made clear that they would be brutally outnumbered in battle, and instead they sought other means for a comeback rather then sacrifice lives in defensive campaign. This attitude of his is one reason why he managed to gain such a backing: In a civil war, people are fighting their own countrymen. If you do not value the lives of enemy and ally alike, then you’ll never gain support.

Freyjadour’s strong in spirit, capable of overcoming grief and the loss of his parents in order to move forward and do something about the people who caused it and rescued his younger sister. instead of mourning them and losing hope, he dealt with their death the only way he knew how, by acting against the cause of their deaths and beginning a counterattack in the form of allying with people he disliked, if only for a short while until he could find more trustworthy allies. At only one point in the game do we see him cry, and that is close to the end of the conflict.

Freyjadour is intelligent, but he's also a tad shy and still lacking in experience when it comes to various common place knowledge. For example, he's never learned to cook, having others who have done that for him, and has also had no real romantic experiences or relationships in that nature. Unlike his young sister, the priority of seeing the older prince in a marriage was far, far lower on the list.

Also, unlike common people, Freyjadour has always been accompanied by a bodyguard, even in his time in the game as a fugitive of his Queendom and when his main bodyguard, Lyon, was unable to be there to take on the job, her position was temporarily taken over by another, Miakis. This meant that he always had someone to watch his back physically at all times, giving him an extra pair of eyes and the presence of another, which has helped him out. One example is early in the game where he was being followed by a young gladiator, whom Freyjadour was oblivious to but Lyon was not.

» Appearance: Freyjadour is fairly average height for a boy his age, with a lean, yet muscular build and pale skin. His coloring is very obviously inherited from his mother: Blue grey eyes, and fluffy white, almost silver hair that he wears in a thin braid reaching the middle of his back. He has a soft, slightly boyish face, but that doesn’t stop him from looking fierce in the heat of battle. His clothing is varied throughout the game, but he tends towards flowing clothing in bright colors: Reds, oranges, yellows. He wears one piece of jewelry: a single ivory fang shaped earring set in gold that is identical to one his father wears.

» Suitability:
Freyjadour would find deep dislike for the nature of Amat, but ultimately, after struggling against it for a while, he’d stick it out and want to survive. He has people back home who are precious to him: his desire to help and keep them safe and they come before all else, even his pride. He wouldn’t ever wish to forget Lym, Lyon, or anyone else. He wouldn’t want to forget there are people back home that need him, and he needs to get back to their side whole and in one piece. If having sexual relations with people until he gets home is what it will take, he’ll do it.

» First-person "amatones" Network Entry:

Hello? Can someone tell me where this is? I just woke up here, and this place doesn’t look like anywhere in Falena. [Frey frowns, concerned obvious on his face behind the device. If this place was, indeed, anywhere near Falena. He shouldn’t be able to see the sea unless he’d somehow been carted off beyond the coast of Estrise or further off to Nirva Island. Had he been kidnapped to stop the campaign? Trust Gizel Godwin to pull only the dirtiest tactics.

There is a mutter at the end of the message, meant only for his ears.] …..I should have been home by now. What is going on?

[Forget home- He should have been back by his sister's side by now. This was endlessly frustrating. Everytime he thought they could put an end to this war it seemed like something had to happen.]

» Third-person "amatomneslogs" Prose Entry:

The feel of cool silk sheets was what Freyjadour awoke to that morning. The first was nothing unusual normally, but the lack of clothing was not. Where had his nightclothes gone? Had he removed them the night before? And his blankets were…. Oh. Flushing red at the obvious dampness, he thought back to the dream he’d had. Coy eyes under a half lidded gaze looking up at him from below, soft hands between his legs and stroking, stroking as he arched into those hot, soft hands and that pleasure building until he felt like he was on fire. He hadn’t dreamt something like that in… a while. And definitely not something so intense.

He’d need to take care of that before Lyon or Miakis came to wake him. He wouldn’t want either of the women to walk in and see the rather obvious lingering evidence of last nights dream. He didn’t think he could live through the teasing Miakis would give him, and Lyon- No, he definitely didn’t need them to see this, he thought with a deepening blush.

However, when he opened his eyes, the prince was surprised to see not the smooth, almost seamless stonework he had grown used to in the past months, but grand, ornate pillars and a large open window with billowing drapes. The scent of the air, too, was wrong. Not the faint smell of the freshwater lake, but instead, the smell of the sea he’d only experienced a small handful of times. This wasn’t his room. This wasn’t even the castle, by the looks of it.

Glancing around for his clothes, he’s surprised to find them neatly folded nearby, his weapon atop them. If he’d been kidnapped by someone, they wouldn’t allow him his weapon, would they….? Grabbing his clothes, he hurriedly starts pulling them on, eyeing the room about him in the meanwhile for any potential clues or guards. The furniture, too, wasn’t suited for a prisoner, and even if his captors had chosen to cater to his status they wouldn’t have given him a room with a window, let alone leave it open.

Tugging on his top, he pauses as his hand brushes something on his neck- A…. collar? What in the world? Reaching up, he fingers it, trying to find a latch to remove it and finding none. Seamless…..?

Well, this was starting to look stranger and stranger.


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